We provide a range of denture services to meet your needs


Full denture

Dentures have evolved over time. They look more natural and feel more comfortable than ever. A full denture is the standard approach when all teeth have been removed. They can help restore your smile and natural facial appearance. 

A new, well fitting denture will be more comfortable to wear, make it easier for you to eat, talk and eliminate sore spots.

Partial Dentures at Bays Dentures, Richmond

Partial denture

These suit patients who have lost just one or a few of their natural teeth and wish to fill in the gaps left behind. They are a great replacement for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into the mouth. We can offer you partial dentures that are comfortable to wear and look natural. 

Denture repair at Bays Denture, Richmond

Denture repairs

There are two basic types of repairs: simple repairs and repairs with impressions. To determine the extent of the repair needed or if it can be repaired, we need to see your denture. Some dentures cannot be repaired due to considerable wear. Denture repairs can usually be completed the same day.


Denture reline

Over time, the shape of your mouth changes and this can adversely affect the fit of your denture. If your dentures have begun to fit loose and less comfortably or food gets trapped underneath them, you may wish to consider having them relined. Relining dentures help, to make them fit better.